27 March 2017

by Cllr Joe Costello

Labour spokesperson on urban regeneration, Joe Costello has called on the Taoiseach to act on the recommendations of the Mulvey Report, following a shooting on Railway Street last night.

Costello said:

"Last night’s shooting on Railway Street is a matter of grave concern.  Gangland feuding had dissipated in recent months.  It would be a serious matter if it were to break out again in the North Inner City.  Thankfully, the present shooting was not fatal.

"The shooting took place in a residential area close to Rutland Street Primary School and Lourdes Day-care Centre where large number of children and elderly people congregate every day.

"It is now over twelve months since gangland feuding broke out in the North Inner City resulting in the deaths of nine people. 

"A taskforce was set up under Kieran Mulvey to address the social inequalities giving rise to unemployment, drug abuse and crime in the area. 

"Despite the fact that the Mulvey Report has been published for some time, no action has yet been taken on it and the implementation structure has not materialised. 

"It is time the Taoiseach, who has visited the area on numerous occasions and promised the sun moon and stars, acted on his commitments."