29 April 2017

by Cllr Joe Costello

"I welcome the Alternative Proposal for the Liffey Cycle Route which Dublin City Council’s Transportation Strategic Policy Committee will consider at its next meeting on Thursday, 3rd May.

"Stoneybatter Pride of Place has long argued that the original proposal would divert all the private traffic entering Dublin along the North Quays up Blackhall place. Such unprecedented levels of traffic would cause gridlock in the Stoneybatter/Smithfield area and seriously damage the quality of life and health of all residents.

"Such a diversion will no longer be required. Instead it is proposed that a boardwalk should be constructed along the North Quays between Blackhall Place and Church St. This boardwalk will enable cyclists to overcome the pinch point created by the narrowing of the road at that stretch of the North Quays.

"It is not an ideal solution. However, the integrity of the Liffey Cycle Route will be retained. Cyclists will be able to travel the entire length of the Quays from the Point Depot to the Phoenix Park. This is a significant achievement for the Dublin Cycling campaign and the for City as a whole.

"Likewise, it is a significant achievement for the residents of Stoneybatter and Smithfield. Their fears of a tsunami of traffic destroying the fabric of the area will be allayed.

"Stoneybatter has recently been designated the premier ‘urban heritage village’ in Ireland. It would be unconscionable if all the good work carried out by the residents in building up the community to where it is were undone."