Deputy Lord Mayor welcomes Kellie Harrington home

10 August 2021

by Cllr Joe Costello

Meeting with Kellie Harrington this evening on her arrival home from Tokyo, Deputy Lord Mayor and Portland Row councillor Joe Costello, offered her warm congratulations on behalf of the City of Dublin.

“It is a great honour for me on behalf of the Lord Mayor and on behalf of the City of Dublin to welcome Kellie Harrington home from Tokyo and to congratulate her on her magnificent achievement in winning gold at the 2020 Olympics. Kellie has done Portland Row and the entire City proud. 

"We all set our clocks to wake up in the middle of the night whenever Kellie boxed.  The whole city was bleary eyed for a week! On Sunday morning neighbours, young and old, in Portland Row were all out nursing cups of tea and coffee at six in the morning, cheering Kellie on and sharing proudly in her victory.

"Watching Kellie's interviews afterwards, her positive “hakuna matata” – “no worries, anything is possible” and her constant praise of her community, we were all so proud of Kellie. She has lit up the City and the nation in these dark days of the Covid pandemic.

"Kellie has performed to the highest level in the boxing ring and she is now a wonderful ambassador for the country. Equally important Kellie is now a role model for young people across the North Inner City who can dare to dream big after seeing her success through hard work and dedication.  

"Unfortunately, due to the pandemic we cannot immediately give Kellie the civic welcome she deserves.  However when it is safe to do so, Kellie and the other Dublin Olympians will be properly acknowledged by the City for their achievements."