Labour's First Mater Hospital A&E Protest of 2006

6 January 2006

by Cllr Joe Costello

The average number of people waiting on trolleys for treatment in the Mater Hospital A&E department is 26 so far this year, according to figures released by the INO’s Trolley Watch campaign. In addition the number of people waiting on trolleys has not dropped below 24 once this month according to local TD Joe Costello. Deputy Costello will lead a protest tomorrow, Saturday January 7, at the Mater Hospital, to highlight the A&E crisis there. “Mary Harney has been the Minister for Health for 16 months. Fixing the crisis in our A&E departments was to be her priority when she took office, but these figures tell us that she has still not made any significant progress,” Deputy Costello said. “The situation in A&E has never been worse with people regularly waiting on a trolley or a chair for up to a week for a bed so that they could receive treatment,” he added. “These protests are now entering their third year and they will continue until the Tanaiste fulfils her promise.” EVENT: Protest at the A&E department, Mater Hospital TIME/DATE: Saturday January 7, 1 – 2pm