Minutes of Meeting on 27 March in relation to litter and other issues in Oxmantown/Stoneybatter Area

6 May 2006

by Cllr Joe Costello

Minutes of meeting organised by Joe Costello TD& Cllr Emer Costello with Dublin City Council and the Gardaí to discuss issues in relation to waste management and traffic in the Oxmantown area. 1- Waste Management Residents Issues: -Problem with laneways around Aughrim Place/Aughrim Lane/Carnew Lane -All streets in the area are not cleaned by DCC to a satisfactory standard -No cleaning taking place behind bus shelters -Plastic bags left uncollected on Harold Road Ivar Street and Manor Place -Bags and rubbish thrown in gardens on the North Circular Road, Manor Street and Aughrim Street -Dog fouling in gardens on the North Circular Road, Manor Street and Aughrim Street -Shores and gullies in the area need to be cleaned -Gardai should issue tickets for littering -Cars abandoned off Oxmantown Road/Augrhim Street -Schools should undertake programme instructing children not to litter -Does Dublin City Council have a policy of removing public bins to prevent dumping – one resident believes this is counter-productive. -Residents sought clarification on shops obligations to have bins/keep areas outside their shops tidy. -Absentee landlord are a problem on the North Circular Road, Aughrim Street – not keeping gardens tidy, black bags constantly in gardens etc. -DCC staff often careless when collecting the refuse and spread more litter on the road -The area covered by each litter warden is far too big Response from DCC: -Residents should ring Central Area hotline or Cabra office about litter -Litter warden does patrol area -Not aware of a policy of removing bins from Manor Street area -Shops are responsible for keeping the area outside their premises clean /litter free Response from Gardaí: -Cars with number plates cannot be taken away. If not taxed or insured, only a ticket can be issued -Aware of problems in Carnew lane -Gardai are to receive books whereby they can issue litter fines – will find out further information -Gardai are involved in schools education programme regarding litter etc. 2- Footpaths: Residents -Builders and service providers often leave footpaths in a poor state when they finish their work e.g. Manor Place and Stoneybatter at junction with Brunswick Street -DCC should inspect footpaths after all building works to make sure that they are restored. -Kerbstones have been removed and not replaced in certain areas -No response from DCC regarding the footpaths on Ellesmere Avenue -Problems with the footpaths on Aughrim Street and Manor Street DCC Response -DCC to investigate problem footpaths and report back Traffic -Insufficient time to deal with traffic issues – number of items raised included -Need for pedestrian crossing at Cowper Street/Oxmantown Road (7/11 shop) -Manor Place Parking – residents cannot park or have access -Issues raised at NCR residents meeting – including pedestrian crossings required at Aughrim Street, NCR at junction with Oxmantown Road, problems with junction at Stoneybatter, Brunswick Street, North King Street and Arbour Hill; problems with traffic flow Hanlon’s corner. Proposal Joe Costello proposed that traffic issue be dealt with fully at the next meeting. Emer Costello to request update from DCC in relation to above traffic matters and will report back to next meeting. The Meeting adjourned. The Assistant Area Manager, Dave Kenny, agreed to come back with report on the issues at further meeting in approximately two months.