Maura Buckley an unsung hero

8 May 2006

by Cllr Joe Costello

The death of Maura Buckley in the horrific bus crash on the weekend is such a tragedy for her family and all those who knew her. “She worked in Rutland Street and Marlborough Street Primary Schools and Larkin Community College in the North Inner City, as a teacher, mentor, liaison office and campaigner for children with special needs or whose circumstances hampered their education. “She was kind, genuine and committed. She worked way beyond the call of duty. She promoted investment in special needs. She was involved in all the community based activities of the North East Inner City. “She attended all the meetings and made passionate pleas for action and for resources to make life better for those who were less well off. “She was totally committed to social justice and to the education and welfare of children. She was one of the unsung heroes of our time.”