Metro North - Have Your Say!

17 June 2006

by Cllr Joe Costello

The Railway Procurement Agency (RPA) is currently planning a metro link for North Dublin which would run from Stephen’s Green to O’Connell Street in the City Centre and onwards to Swords via the Mater Hospital and the Airport. This venture will be one of the largest engineering projects in the history of the state. The RPA is considering 3 possible routes for this metro line: (see map overleaf) The Central Route: From Stephen’s Green to O’Connell Street to the Mater Hospital and on up to Botanic Road emerging from a tunnel on the Ballymun Road and from there on the airport and Swords The East Route: From Stephen’s Green to O’Connell Street, to the Mater Hospital, Drumcondra and Griffith Avenue and then on to the airport and Swords The West Route: From Stephen’s Green to Parnell Square, to Broadstone up the Cabra Road and through the Tolka Valley out to Finglas and over to Ballymun and from there to the Airport and Swords. The RPA stated initially that the Central Route is the strongest route option from the point of view of construction feasibility, transportation and l cost. Following the initial outcome of the public consultation they are now considering a fourth alternative route (see map overleaf) which would be a combination of the East Route and the Central Route. This would involve An underground section from Drumcondra to DCU A station on Lower O’Connell Street, close to the Red Luas line An additional station at Griffith Avenue. This option would have the advantage of linking the Rail, Luas and Metro lines and would also provide a much needed metro transport link for Croke Park. The RPA are seeking submissions from the public on all of the proposed routes and have stated that the route finally selected may be a variant or combination of the route options shown, or other options identified during consultation. The deadline for submissions on the Metro North Line is 30th June 2006. Submissions should be sent to: PR Department, RPA, Parkgate Business Centre, Parkgate Street, Dublin 8 Email or use the contact us form on the RPA website: