Govt fail to establish multi-denominational post primary scho

25 September 2008

by Cllr Joe Costello

Joe Costello TD has called on the Minister for Education to respond to the Educate Together National Petition Day, today 25th September, and to register Educate Together as a patron of second-level schools. Deputy Costello and the Deputy Lord Mayor, Cllr Emer Costello participated in the National Petition Day at the Dublin 7 Educate Together.

Speaking in the Dáil this morning, Deputy Costello, asked the Tanáiste if the Government have any plans to establish multi-denominational schools and if it will recognise Educate Together as a Patron. The Tanáiste informed the House that the Government have no plans to allow Educate Together register as a suitable patron.

"It is outrageous that the Government have failed to recognise the achievements of Educate Together. Educate Together is this year celebrating its 30th anniversary in providing primary school education throughout the country. Its success is evident in that there are now 56 Educate Together Primary Schools throughout the country providing primary education to thousands of primary school children.

Yet the Minister for Education has not even had the courtesy to respond to the requests from Educate Together and the parents of ET schoolchildren seeking the right to register as a patron of second level schools.

Educate Together

Parents are concerned for their children's right to be able to continue their education in a multi-denominational, democratic environment and exercise choice in their children's education. At a time when Irish society is being transformed, as each census reveals major changes in the demographic profile of both Irish and non Irish residents, it is imperative that the Government provide for choice in our education system.

Educate Together is a real success story in the provision of education to our primary school children. It is time that the Government recognised the changing face of Irish Society and agreed to recognise Educate Together as a suitable patron body of a second level school.