Authorities and Parents Must Come Together to Deal with Halloween Mayhem

2 November 2008

by Cllr Joe Costello

The mayhem that occurred all over Ireland on Halloween night is becoming all too prevalent. It is as though Halloween is an excuse for violence and anti-social behaviour.

Fireworks are legal in Northern Ireland and illegal in the Republic. The Minister for Justice must agree a set of proposals which will synchronise the legislation in both jurisdictions that that large quantities of illegal fireworks are not imported into the Republic.

Secondly it is time to prosecute those business people who do not recycle pellets and tyres according to the law but allow them to be "stolen" by youths for bonfires so that they don't have to pay the cost of recycling.

Thirdly, it is totally unacceptable that the Emergency Services Personnel become targets for assaults in carrying out their duties to the country. Such behaviour must be severely sanctioned. In this respect parents have a major role to play in ensuring that their children are not involved in late-night anti-social activities at Halloween.

Finally, Dublin City Council and the Gardaí must be complimented on their efforts to provide alternative activities for young people this Halloween. It was very successful with young children. They must redouble their endeavours to provide alternative activities for the older youths.