28 April 2010

by Cllr Joe Costello

Friday night's shooting of a man in a pub in Cabra in the constituency is yet another indication of the Government's failure to tackle gangland crime, and gun crime in particular.

This was a totally reckless attack in a crowded pub that could have led to far more casualties. The fact that the victim in this case was a major gangland figure must give rise to concerns that it will lead to a series of retaliatory attacks exposing ordinary citizens to risk of death and injury.  I am calling on the Garda authorities to increase the visible policing presence in the area so that this will not happen.

The ongoing gangland shootings makes it clear that the criminal gangs that struggle for control of turf have no regard for society or human life. While lucrative profits are to be made from supplying the demand for drugs the crime bosses will continue to meet that demand and are prepared to direct the use of whatever level of violence is necessary to protect their profits, regardless of the consequences.

Since 1997 successive Fianna Fail-led Governments have been telling us that they would put gangs out of business, but all the evidence shows they are failing in this regard. We need a comprehensive plan to tackle this scourge.