Minister Costello condemns Dublin City Council Plans to Stop Cleaning North Inner City Streets

15 April 2013

by Cllr Joe Costello

Minister Joe Costello has condemned a plan by Dublin City Council to stop cleaning streets in the North Inner City for a week at a time and let the rubbish pile up. 


Minister Costello said “while illegal dumping is a serious problem that urgently needs to be addressed, Dublin City Council’s proposal to simply let rubbish pile up is at best deeply misguided.  To leave large quantities of rubbish on the street is potentially a health hazard.”


“The majority of people who dispose of their rubbish appropriately already have to endure high levels of littering.  These people will be further punished if their streets stopped being cleaned entirely.  Moreover, rather than solving the problem, the proposed strategy is likely to exacerbate the problem as piles of rubbish bags are likely to attract further rubbish.”


“Rather than letting the rubbish accumulate, Dublin City Council should be focussing efforts on catching the people who are dumping the rubbish.”


“If there is an issue of lack of resources or legislation, then the Minister for the Environment should be informed.  Punishing the innocent for the actions of the guilty is not the solution.”