Costello Welcomes Impact of Job Activation Schemes

16 August 2013

by Cllr Joe Costello

Joe Costello TD, the Minister for Trade and Development, has today said that JobBridge has created approximately 4,000 jobs in Dublin since 2011. 

Since 2011, more than 88,000 people have availed on the Government’s job activation schemes.  These schemes include JobBridge, Community Employment, the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance, the Rural Social Scheme and Tús.  In Dublin, almost 23,500 people have benefited from these job activation schemes. 


Speaking on the figures, Minister Costello said, “According to figures from the Department of Social Protection, a total of 6,517 people in Dublin have availed of the JobBridge National Internship Scheme since its launch in 2011.”


“A recent evaluation of JobBridge by economic consultants Indecon showed that 61% of JobBridge interns progress to paid employment after finishing their internship.”


“Going by these statistics, about 4,000 people in Dublin should now have progressed to paid employment.”


“The success of JobBridge in creating employment is most welcome and is proof that the job activation programs that have been initiated by this Government are progressive and successful.  The fact that 88,000 people have now availed of these programs demonstrates this Government’s commitment to preventing long-term unemployment and getting people back to work.  Undoubtedly, the focus on job activation scheme has contributed to the presence situation whereby approximately 2,000 net jobs are being created monthly.” 


“These figures are very positive and shows how committed the Labour Party is to getting people back to work and demonstrates the success of the JobBridge Programme.”