Thank You for Your Support

28 June 2019

by Cllr Joe Costello

I wish to thank you, the people of the North Inner City who turned out to vote for me in such large numbers and for electing me to Dublin City Council. I deeply appreciate your support.   I have always been available to the people of the North Inner City to deal with issues and problems they experience.  I will continue to be available through my weekly Advice Centres and by telephone and email.

Housing and Homelessness, Climate Change, Community Development, Drugs and Anti-Social Behaviour, Litter and Dumping, Traffic and Transport, and good Urban Planning will be my priorities for the next five years on the City Council and in the North Inner City.  I know that many of you have ideas on all or some of these issues. I would welcome your views.

Now that the local elections 2019 are over a new City Council is taking shape. A new Lord Mayor has been chosen and we have put together an alliance of Parties to govern the City for the next five years. The Alliance is underpinned by ‘The Dublin Agreement’ which is a comprehensive programme to provide good governance for the City. The Dublin Agreement can be downloaded from this link and a hard copy is available from my office. Again, I would welcome your views on the Dublin Agreement.

If you wish to sign up to my newsletter or contact me on any issue, please email me at

I look forward to representing the people of the North Inner City on Dublin City Council and to working with you to resolve the many challenges facing our area.