Planning Updates: Phibsborough, The Markets, Hendron's, Docklands and Glasnevin Hill

16 February 2021

by Cllr Joe Costello

Over the past few months, there has been an alarming number of applications  to An Bord Pleanala under the Strategic Housing Development process for co-living and build to rent units across Dublin Central.   

I have made submissions to An Bord Pleanala on each of these applications, requesting the Board to refuse permission on the grounds that the developments are in contravention of the Dublin City Development Plan and are contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.   There are issues of height, density, over-development, overlooking and oversahdowin, lack of public open space, poor quality of accommodation provided for future residents, impact on adjacent protected structres,  

Co-living developments also have the effect of depriving the area of much needed family homes and social housing as the do not have to provide for Part V 10% of units to the local authority.

A decision has been made on just one of these developments so far - Halston Street and fortunately Bord Pleanala have refused permission for this development. 

See below for links to my observations to the Bord.  I will keep you updated on developments.

Recently Lodged Applications

Docklands: North Wall Quay

1,005 no. apartments, creche and associated site works. City Block, North Wall Quay, Dublin 1.

Link to development website:

Deadline for Observations: 4 March 2021

Decision Due: 20 May 2021


169 no. apartments, creche and assocaited site works. Rathborne Avenue, Pelletstown, Ashtown, Dublin 15

Link to development website:

Deadline for Observations: 4 March 2021

Decision Due: 20 May 2021

The Bakery Site, Cross Guns, Phibsborough

205 build to rent apartments and associated site works. Old Bakery Site, also known as 113 Phibsborough Road, Cross Guns Bridge, Phibsborough, Dublin 7.

Link to development website:

Deadline for Observations: 8 March 2021

Decision Due: 24 May 2021

Planning Applications Under Consideration (Deadline for observations has passed)  

The following applications are under consideration by An Bord Pleanala 


Link to my submission:   Planning Application for 280 Build to Rent Shared Living Accommodation, Hendrons Building and wider site 36-40 Dominick Street, Broadstone, Dublin 7

Date submitted: 7 December 2020

Decision Due: 6 April 2021 

Phibsborough Shopping Centre

Link to my submission:   Planning application ABP-308875-20 for alterations to previously permitted Reg. Ref.: 2628/17 and  ABP-300241-18 to now provide 321 no. Build to Rent shared accommodation bed spaces and associated site works, at Phibsborough Shopping Centre and 345-349 North Circular Road, Dublin 7

Date submitted: 11 December 2020

Decision Due:   12 April 2021

Glasnevin Hill 

Link to my submission:  Demolition of existing vacant motor vehicle showroom and no. 38 Glasnevin Hill, construction of 101 no. apartments and associated site works.

Date Submitted:  15 December 2020

Decision Due:      14 April 2021 

Decided Cases

Halston Street 

Link to my submission:  Demolition of all existing structures, construction of 360 no. shared accommodation bedrooms and associated site works.

Link to BP Decision:  Bord Pleanala Decision to Refuse Permission 18 January 2021