Motions to Dublin City Development Plan

17 May 2021

by Cllr Joe Costello

The Dublin City Development Plan (2022-28) is a crucial document as it will contain our shared vision for the development of Dublin for the benefit of the City and its citizens throughout most of the next decade.

Work has commenced on the preparation of the City Development Plan. The City Council has a designated website on the Development Plan

Earlier this year Dublin City Council held a pre-Draft Consultation to look at some of the “big picture” issues outlined in their Pre-Draft Plan Public Consultation and Strategic Issues Paper.   This paper addressed the themes of shaping the city, the city economy, housing, sustainable communities, transport, climate change, heritage, culture, arts, sports and recreation.

The Chief Executive issued his report on the pre-draft consultation in April and Councillors had until 16 May to submit motions on the CE's report.

Following consultation with residents and residents' assocations across the Constituency, I submitted 74 motions which were co-signed by my colleague Cllr Declan Meenagh which can be viewed from this link.

These motions will be considered by the City Council in July and the Draft Development Plan will be put out to public consultation in September.